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Tasmanian Veterinary Hospitals Sorell

Health Checks

Do your best friend a favour and don’t miss their annual health care check. Pets on average, age five to eight times faster than humans. By age two, most pets have already reached adulthood. At age four, many are entering middle age. By age seven, many dogs, particularly larger breeds are entering their senior year. … Continued


Dental treatment is important to ensure your pet’s mouth is free of infection and pain. Most pets require a dental procedure every 1-2 years. Our dental procedures include: Pre-anaesthetic blood tests for animals over the age of 7 to check their kidneys, liver, blood glucose and proteins. General anaesthetic using the safest agents and monitoring … Continued


Why should I de-sex my pet? There are many advantages to desexing your pet and they are not always related to surprise litters of puppies and kittens! Desexing helps prevent some nasty diseases that could develop later in life. Some behavioural problems may also be addressed by desexing. Male dogs and cats tend to stray … Continued


Why vaccinating your pet is so important? Vaccinating your pet is the only way to protect them against certain viral diseases that are highly contagious and can be fatal. Because viruses cause them, there is no cure and treatment can be expensive, distressing for both you and your pet, and not always successful. Annual vaccinations … Continued


Some of the most important moments of your pets’ life will involve a surgical procedure being performed. At Tasmanian Veterinary Hospitals we strive to ensure that no compromises are made. No matter how large or small that procedure may be, we have the expertise, staff and facilities to offer your animal the ultimate in veterinary … Continued

Keyhole Surgery

Bellerive TVH is the only veterinary hospital in Tasmania to offer keyhole desexing surgery. What is Keyhole Surgery? A thin surgical telescope is inserted into the abdomen through a 5mm port allowing the surgeon to visualise the internal organs without opening the abdomen. Subsequent ports can then be inserted to allow for surgical instruments to … Continued

Puppy School

We understand that behavioural problems can cause frustration and exhaustion, affecting the relationship you have with your beloved pet.  We offer professional behavioural assistance through consultations and training to help ensure your relationship with your pet is as strong as it can be. Please complete the online questionnaire below and we will be in touch … Continued


As a pet owner you want to ensure you are feeding your pet a healthy and balanced diet. We recommend and stock premium pet food products, these include Delicate care (Australian made with Australian ingredients), Hill’s science diet and Royal Canin. Their research behind the formulas and their commitment to safety and quality is excellent. … Continued


For every person who loves and shares their life with a dog, the dreaded day when you question whether to intervene in how and when your dog’s life will end. The thought of saying goodbye to your dog for the last time is heartbreaking. Signs that your dog may be dying are: Prolonged lethargy and … Continued